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Buy Lomotil Online, Order Lomotil Diphenoxylate 2.5 mg

Buy Lomotil Online

Brand: Lomotil Generic

Composition: Diphenoxylate dye fen ox i late Atropine a troe peen

Common Brands: Lonox

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Lomotil Diphenoxylate 2.5 mg Atropine 0.025 mg

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Lomotil - Diphenoxylate Atropine

Generic Lomotil Diphenoxylate Atropine is a bowel medication, popularly used in treating excessive bowel motion problems. It is a combination therapy in which users buying Lomotil combine it with fluid and salt replenishment remedies. Generic Lomotil tablets consist of Diphenoxylate - an antidiarrheal product and Atropine sulfate - an anticholinergic. Patients are said to suffer from diarrhea, if their excrements are excessively fluidic as well as loose and they have to pass stools at least thrice a day. Diarrhea could result from a number of reasons such as some drugs certain types of foods microorganisms like parasites, bacterium and virus, etc.

Usually, most diarrhea cases persist for about 2 - 3 days. If it persists for a longer duration, then the disorder may be a serious one and patients may need to carry out deeper investigation to diagnose the reasons. Patients are usually suggested to buy Diphenoxylate as preliminary treatment when they are faced with diarrhea-like conditions.

Generic Lomotil causes the bowel activity to reduce, thus controlling the intensity of diarrheal reaction. Generic lomotil is available as tablets Diphenoxylate 2.5 mg Atropine 0.025 mg in quantity of 30 and 90 tablets each. Known for its high quality medicines prompt service cost-effective pricing and discreet packaging, patients, dont need to fret about where to buy Lomotil. They can simply click on the buy now button here and buy Lomotil online immediately.
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Lomotil Uses

Individuals buying Lomotil use it as an important element of medication therapy for controlling diarrhea.
Lomotil tablets

How To Use Lomotil

Lomotil is available with Superdrugsaver in tablet form. In most cases, patients are suggested to use Lomotil at least four times daily. Although it is suggested for a common and regular problem, users should not underestimate its effects and should take Lomotil tablets exactly as directed. Ideally, the patients condition should start improving within a couple of days.
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Lomotil Other Uses

There is a possibility that Lomotil is suggested for uses other than those mentioned here.
Anti Diarrheal tablets

Lomotil Precaution

  • Patients should discuss the components of generic Lomotil and verify if they are allergic to any substances. Ideally, patients should reveal all allergies especially if they are related to Diphenoxylate or Atropine.
  • Patients suffering from high temperature, stomach problems, antibiotic related diarrhea, jaundice or stools containing blood should take Lomotil only under a proper physicians advice.
  • Patients should reveal to their physician if they have a medical history of renal / hepatic problem, ulcerative colitis or Down syndrome.
  • Patients that become pregnant during Lomotil usage should inform their physician about it. Lactating mothers or pregnant women should tell their physician about their condition before starting Lomotil use.
  • Alcohol use worsens Lomotil side effects. Hence users should control their alcohol use after discussing it with their physician.
  • Patients should not undertake sensitive tasks, as Lomotil might affect their decision-making ability due to drowsiness.
  • Surgeons should know if their potential patient is using Lomotil before undertaking any surgical procedures.
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Lomotil Over Dose

Excess use of Lomotil can cause severe reaction. Hence, as mentioned earlier, patients should follow their medication schedule very strictly. In case patients realize that they have taken excess Lomotil than suggested, they should call up their physician immediately and seek advice. They must also contact the emergency center 1-800-222-1222 where than can reach earliest and inform medical experts there about their problem. 911 should be dialed instantly if the patients condition has become extremely severe.
Lomotil overdose may cause the patient to become unconscious and exhausted and/or experience an increase in heart rate inability to react at regular rate increase temperature changes in eye appearance etc.
Diphenoxylate Anti Diarrheal drug

Lomotil Missed Dose

Although patients may take all precautions to maintain their Lomotil dosage schedule, there are instances when they may miss their regular dose. In such circumstances, unless the next dose is in a very short time, patients should take the missed dose immediately. There should be sufficient time between all doses. Patients should not make up for the lost dose by increasing its content or doubling the quantity.
Anti Diarrheal medication

Lomotil Storage

Lomotil misuse is harmful and hence it should be kept in a secure and safe place.
Children or pets that do not understand the implications of Lomotil use may accidentally use it. Hence, the storage area of Lomotil should not be accessible to them.
Lomotil should be kept away from sunlight, moisture and heat. Excess Lomotil that is not used or has expired should be disposed off carefully.
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Lomotil Notes

  • Lomotil is a combination therapy. Users need to increase their source of water and salts to counter diarrhea related deficiencies. Diet should be suitably altered and patients should seek a physicians advice about it.
  • Lomotil should be taken under medical supervision and its continuity should be maintained after a physicians approval.
  • Lomotil use in kids should be taken after understanding all the Lomotil implications.
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Lomotil Interaction

Certain medications should be avoided while taking Lomotil. Hence users should first discuss all the health products other medicines, alternative drugs, vitamins, supplements, etc. with their physician before starting Lomotil use. Users should especially reveal, if they are using Secobarbital or Phenobarbital as well as any tranquilizers.

The patient should also tell their physician if they have taken the following medications in the last two weeks before starting Lomotil use: Parnate, Nardil, Marplan, Zelapar, Eldepryl or Emsam.
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Lomotil Side Effects

Apart from irritations caused by misuse of Lomotil, there is a rare possibility that Lomotil may cause untoward results, such as:
  • Feeling hoarse
  • Bloating up of limbs, joints and facial parts
  • Respiration problems
  • Skin irritations
  • Abdominal pain that later affects the back
  • Change in heartbeat rates
  • Aching head
  • Loss of hunger
  • General uneasiness with exhaustion

Patients should not panic in case there is an occurrence of the above issues and should immediately seek advice from their physician.
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